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 Money Transfers with Moneybookers


Money Transfers with Moneybookers

 offer the low-cost and secure alternative to banks and traditional money transfer companies,

 adopted by more than 10 million customers:

 instead of paying high fees and waiting in line,

 customers send money online between

more than 200 countries,

 in 34 currencies and choose

 among 60 international payment methods such as



or American Express cards,

 bank transfer

and many more.

 Using the internet to send money,

 Moneybookers is revolutionizing the money transfer industry!

Our attractive conditions: - €0.50 for a sign-up - €4.50 for the first money transfer -

Special bonuses for our larger affiliates The market for remittances and expatriate money transfers is strongly growing and already today a 50 billion Euro market opportunity in Europe: join our affiliate program and start benefiting from this crisis-resilient business!

  We offer a high converting program targeting a wide audience: No need to worry that this is a very specific niche, too small for your needs:

 as opposed to financial programs

(such as mortgages or insurances),

 our customers can sign up without any conditions and do not need to subscribe to expensive and long term services.

Thanks to our extreme cost advantage and tailored service you will enjoy a very high conversion rate!

 Who can join?


Customers can be anyone sending money abroad, whether they send money back home to their family or transfer money to their own bank account abroad. In the UK, there are only 2 million Polish, as well as many French, German and Spanish nationalities...

Most of them are sending abroad a few hundred Euros each month!


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